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You may feel differently, but in our world, a Lead is a person you THINK you’d like to do business with who also THINKS they might like doing business with you, too.

Unfortunately, Leads only come from successful marketing.  Let’s say your marketing campaigns are rolled up into a machine. Let’s call it a lead machine.  So you pump some fuel into this Lead machine, crank it up, and it roars to life and starts producing Leads right away.  Great!  Maybe you crank your lead machine and you just can’t get the engine to turn.  Fear not!

We specialize in building world-class lead machines.  We can’t build one overnight, but what we can do pretty quickly is send you some fresh high-octane fuel to put in your lead machine.  After all, a fuel flush might be just what you need to get it running again.  If you want us to send that fuel your way, just click the button below to get started.

YOu're a Skeptic? We don't Blame you!

We get it. There are lots of marketing agencies out there promising you the moon.
The truth is, there's no shortcut to success. it takes hard work. But we like hard work!

Are you guys serious?

Yep! Lead machines are a thing. And they work!

In one of our latest success stories, our lead machine took a local firm from $46M to $72M in annual revenue.

Why do you do this?

There are lots of good people out there trying to do a good job for themselves and their clients but they just can't figure out how to win more business.

We want to help good people succeed. We don't work with jerks.

What's in it for you?

Short answer? Nothing.

This is not a trick to get you on the phone so we can pitch you. We're just offering you some fuel for your lead machine and a couple recommendations for getting it tuned up. If you want to fix it yourself, that's fine, but if you'd like some help, we'd be happy to take a look. It's up to you!

what people are saying about us

A. Boutin
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Mark and his team are fantastic! They are leaders in the marketing and sales industry and I highly recommend them.

Mark has been instrumental in helping me in my business, particularly in my Linked In networking and sales efforts. He knows technology, he knows sales and he know marketing.

Definitely want him and his company on my team to support my business.

EMI Marketing
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Engaged to help our engineering firm get known by more people, & drive leads in. He's totally different than the previous dozen consultants we've had, who always just gave us more homework. Not only does he have great ideas & communicate them well-- he comes alongside and EXECUTES with us; he's actually getting the work done WITH us-- not just heaping more on our overflowing plates. Really like the guy, visionary ideas and solid methods of drumming up leads, getting us known by prospects, getting us liked by prospects, then getting those prospects to trust us enough to become customers. A really aggressive, very positive partner in marketing and sales strategy, and execution. We're in the middle of our second, our biggest project with him, so I'll post our numbers once we release the Sales Machine and get metrics after that. Thank you very, very much, Mark!
Philip Belfon
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One thing that I am especially grateful for after meeting Mark is his willingness to carve out 30 minutes to an hour for a zoom call. All of the times that I have asked Mark to breakdown better lead generation strategies, he has gone above and beyond in sharing his expertise. I think most people would hire more experts if the experience felt more like a personal business workshop. Thanks for all your help with LinkedIn as well as simply designing more efficient processes in general.
Nova Schaffnit
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I worked through a CRM deployment with Mark Perone at a construction company in Dayton, Ohio. Pulling dual duty as the Operations Manager in our division and the Project Manager implementing Infor CRM (Saleslogix at the time) he helped the sales people and superintendents understand how the software would organize our customer information. Because our liability for defects and mishandled construction processes were very high, we needed to document with pictures and update the CRM constantly. Mark helped keep us on track. I would love to work with him on future projects and hope he is on my team again!
David Iyoha
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Rethink Revenue helps organizations get more sales. From my experience they will leverage your competitive advantages and marry that with modern software solutions to generate high quality leads.

Mark Perone, my primary contact, helps guide your company's sales process from where it is today to become an effective new customer generating machine and he also puts in repeatable systems the will continue to produce the desired results. Working with him has been very beneficial to my organization.

Tom Gottlieb
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Mark's company title, Rethink Revenue, sums it up best. His process provides the mechanism for enabling Revenue growth in a manner in which you probably have not pursued on your own.

Still not convinced?

We don't blame you.

If you'd like to learn more about us before you request fuel for your lead machine, just poke around the site a little bit and you'll see we are who we say we are. Make sure you get all the free stuff from us that you can!