You're a Skeptic — See, We Get You!

You Don't Believe We Set Sales Records Using Artificial Intelligence
Within a 3 Billion Contact Network?


So you scrolled past the irresistible offer to FIRE IT UP! It's understandable, you're a hard sell.

We Understand

I'd be skeptical too if a company claimed to target my "perfect prospects", drive them through a series of digital marketing components delivering unprecedented results.

3 Billion?

I mean, you probably don't need help setting sales records anyway but do you know how to tap into a 3 billion (Yes you read that right, BILLION with a B) contact database? Let us prove you have access!

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Marketing Funnel Leads Sales Pipeline

Business is evolving, leveling up to pinpoint Return On Investment. The concept of Industry 4.0 is shining a bright light on process and accountability in all facets of of production. Based on the tangible nature of production processes and deliverable better, faster, stronger is easy to measure. With all the advances in software solutions and the proliferation of data sciences let's take a fresh perspective on the silo's of Marketing and Sales. In a previous article I wrote about interdepartmental hand-offs and the importance of transitioning suspects to prospects. Taking this concept a bit further lets clarify the Marketing Perspective and Sales Perspectives.

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Evolve YOUR Business to Scale Up

In the big city of business it's time to add some offense to that passive "Marketing" work and sync up your company to target "doing" not "did". Aligning behind an accurate forecast is the dream, right. So to get companies forward looking and organized from front to back, we focus on the central hub, Sales Processes. Creating consecutive stages, supported by tasks that represent downstream workflow, drives efficiency while spying on sales likelihood.

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Marketing and Sales: What You Are Missing!

As time has progressed, I feel like people understand less and less the differences between Marketing and Sales. For some reason companies twist the 2 together thinking they're optimizing the organizations ability to create sales. With snazzy phrases like "Synergistic Approach" and "LEAN Management Structure", the current trend is do more with less, to keep costs low. The reality is NOT concentrated effort, these cost saving measures are actually diluting and fragmenting a customers ability to Know, Like and Trust. Let's look at the difference between Marketing and Sales.

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Connect The Dots Podcast

Understanding front office business process, CRM software and a solid method to set record setting revenue is a rare ability most companies overlook. Drive Marketing activity to Sales progress we can measure on the top line of P&L statements. Coursing businesses toward “Opportunity Management” fundamentals is the only systematic way to target and reach gross revenue goals

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I’ve heard this statement more times than I care to count. Why? This is an easy way for an organization to point at the challenge of sales to offset responsibility. Here are the symptoms of broken Sales organizations: Do you say or hear “They just aren’t working hard enough.” “They were trained. Why aren’t they hitting their numbers.” “Have they created their pipeline.” “Just go out and sell. What are they doing anyway?”

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