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Today is the day it all started…

The economy in 2020 was finally the motivation you needed to focus on Marketing and Sales.

Zero-Point Selling Changed It All!

What is it?
The modern approach to Marketing and Sales.

Why is this important?
Your Prospects want the same benefits your Customers enjoy.


Who is leveling up their business right now?

  • Marketers
  • Sales
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  • I.T.
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How does Zero-point Selling Work?
Rather than trying to manage emails, cold calls, cold walks, Facebook campaigns, Linkedin commentary, Google optimization and/or CRM management we build a modern system to drive Marketing activity to Sales progress.

Rethink Revenue Lead Machine
Rethink Revenue Lead Machine


We call this a “Lead Machine”. To understand how we approach our targets and drive activity to results we use a template to organize our “Know, Liked, Trusted” modeling.

The #1 thing in business is people. Dig up people and make the money.

In addition to “Lead Machine” mapping, we’ve developed a simple outline to guide Marketing and Sales through a modern business method.

Here are 5 steps to work on while you aren’t constantly putting out fires!

  1. Identify Targets
  2. Create messages based on benefits
  3. Determine Marketing Channels
  4. Create Marketing assets based on Targets
  5. Follow-up

This list is a way to organize the concepts of Marketing, Sales and Product/Service Delivery. It’s called the “Customer Journey Framework”. It laces together what we call “Divisions of Labor” so businesses can multiply the effort spent in each area of a customer’s buying journey.

This is the shift, the “Ah ha moment” you were looking for to get ahead in your company and entire business vertical. It helped you understand the sequence a buyer takes to a purchase. Remarkably, it also doubles as sellers instructions to a logical deliverable.

Here’s that document you hung up next to your phone and computer.

Rethink Revenue Customer Journey Framework
Rethink Revenue Customer Journey Framework


The Customer Journey Framework is the basis for all the work you do. It’s a roadmap, a Strategy, and the skeleton to the Zero-point Selling method. This framework is what you used to create a purpose driven approach to every phase of the presale process.

You are a Marketing and Sales genius who set sales records because of this seismic game changer!

By combining these two perspectives you began to understand how and why Zero-point Selling is the future of modern Marketing and Sales. It was outside your comfort zone but it worked.

Here are some other people like you who have found a new way to look at Marketing and Sales.

You loved these stories!

Marketer and Sales Person
who is focused on Social Media and Business Development: Rethink Revenue works in a Mastermind capacity with individuals who need help understanding how to better build interest in Products and Services. The Goal: Turn "Likes" and "Comments" into actionable Opportunities. Understanding how modern prospecting develops Leads is all about projecting value for "Touches".
Franchise Owner
who "doesn't Market" but wants to set a Sales record next year: Zero-Point Selling equips network marketers with an asset downline sales associates have never been given - people to target as Prospects. Offer more value as a mentor by uncovering people by name to target. This perspective changes the game from "Go find people who might...." to "Get the same benefits I presented to this customer in front of one/all these Targets." The Goal: Leverage Targets as an asset to drive business and support multi-level organizational selling.
Business Owner
looking to develop a network of resellers: Original Equipment Manufacturers aren't always focused on the science of selling. Many times OEMs prefer to build a distribution network of Value-Added Resellers (VARs). Building a Sales system for VARs to register with and receive Leads from starts with defining your Sales process. Using Zero-Point Selling as a template for common vocabulary can shortcut years of frustrating trial and error. The Goal: Launch a system to share information about Leads moving through Sales process stages and tasks.
Vice President of Sales
working to organize a team of Inside/Outside Sales People: Organizations with lots of moving parts and internal hand-offs need ways to align checks and balances. To target $25 million in growth, people need a complimentary workflow. Building Zero-Point Selling into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and/or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the onramp to rapid Marketing and Sales success. The Goal: Universal complimentary business rules embedded and implemented in a large scale organization.
Chief Operating Officer
creating a scalable Sales system to target year over year growth: Evolving a small business is all about systems. Correctly assigning and aligning organizational stakeholders is the key to maturity. eing able to find new stakeholders to scale is a sign of a properous future. Defining roles from ownership down to internal subject matter experts while seeking growth in new market verticals is a tall order. The Goal: Set a Sales Record and break into fresh business verticals with new personnel.
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Is this all starting to make sense?

The sooner you get started, the sooner your business will change!

Let's skip to the good stuff.

You discovered these business professionals all found commonality around business processes. It was amazing they all needed to have a better sequence selling through Marketing, Sales and the product/service deliverable Customer Service provides.

Why are you still reading? You know all this already…

One of two things is going on:

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