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Why Make a YouTube Subscribe Link?

To get more YouTube subscribers, of course!

Making your own custom YouTube Subscribe Links is a really easy and really fast way to get more YouTube subscribers. All you have to do is add a little extra piece of code to the end of your YouTube Channel link before you send it.  THEN, whenever people go to your Channel (using a link with that extra code added) YouTube asks that person to subscribe to your channel.

Is that cool or what???

To see the little trick in action, just click the picture below…

YouTube Subscribe Link - Subscription Confirmation Pop-Up
YouTube Subscribe Link – Subscription Confirmation Pop-Up

Do YouTube Subscribe Links Work on Every Device?

Unfortunately this trick only applies to desktop operating systems. If you send someone a Subscribe link and they click it on a mobile device, they’ll still land at your channel (yay!) but they won’t get the Subscribe pop-up when they get there (boo).

If you’re reading this on your phone and just clicked the picture above, you found that out the hard way. In that case, feel free to e-mail this page to yourself so you can test the link out later BUT take heart, because the YouTube Subscribe Link Builder below does work on mobile!!!

Either way, we hope this tool is useful to you.  Make sure to subscribe to the Rethink Revenue YouTube channel for more marketing tips and tricks!

  1. Go to YouTube.
  2. Search for and go to your YouTube channel.
  3. Copy the link to your YouTube Channel – it should look similar to this –
  4. Paste the link in the first field below.
  5. Click “Generate Link”.
  6. Click the “⇨⇨⇨Test Link⇦⇦⇦” button that appears to make sure the link takes you where you expect it to.
  7. If everything looks good, click the “Copy Link” button to copy the link to your clipboard; otherwise, start over with Step 1

OK, I’ve Got My Link.  Now What?

  1. FIRST, bookmark this page so don’t lose it. (Press Control+D on Windows or Command+D on Apple)
  2. If you’re on mobile, click here to e-mail this page to yourself so you can bookmark it on your computer, too.
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  4. Share your new link EVERYWHERE!  Social media profiles, your website, e-mail signatures, and more!  Put it all over the place and watch your subscriber count grow!