Trusted Team summary

A riveting business fable that reimagines “Known, Liked, and Trusted” for the digital age
Trusted.Team tells the story of Jamie, an eager sales guy with fresh business cards and zero prospects. At a holiday dinner, Jamie bumps into ex-roommate and slick car salesman Tucker, who teases Jamie into a bet he can’t afford to lose.

To get known, earn his first commissions, and beat Tucker, Jamie joins an old-school networking group, where a mysterious woman pulls him behind the curtain into a secret world dependent on trusted partnerships. Lines between professional success and personal integrity blur when Jamie learns the Five Keys of the Trusted Team, ancient principles guarded by history’s elite business leaders. Leveraging next-generation technology, the Five Keys show Jamie that like-minded people can multiply their efforts to achieve wild success.
But will it be enough to win the bet?

A fast-paced page-turner with colorful characters who may remind you of your own colleagues and clients, Trusted.Team shows business leaders, salespeople, and networkers the art of becoming known, liked, and trusted from a fresh, “What if?” perspective.
Unlike most books, Trusted.Team: A Story of Known, Liked, and Trusted doesn’t end on the final page…

Sales Fusion Summary

In a world that’s become accustomed to staying home, the process of selling has changed. So, how does a salesperson create a strategy to scale their business in 2022; and beyond? Our skilled, knowledgeable, and insightful authors will provide strategies for those of you who wish to understand the mentality and psychology behind the success of a salesperson in a changing world!

Sales Fusion is the next book in the Business Fusion book seriesfromInfluence Network Media. From talent to marketing, leadership, sales and people operations, small to midsize businesses need strategies, tactics and action plans to successfully scale their business and hit business goals and objectives. The Business Fusion Book Series connects small to midsize leaders to business experts who can guide them and bridge the gap between sales and the many other branches of business to help you navigate them all with ease for ultimate success!