We dedicate time to examine our clients' current approaches to product promotion and sales, while simultaneously providing them with fresh perspectives on marketing and sales strategies.


Following a thorough analysis of your current processes, we craft a forward-thinking roadmap tailored to your business. This visionary blueprint integrates diverse systems and methodologies to modernize your existing practices, resulting in enhanced efficiency and effectiveness for your organization.


We guide businesses step-by-step through the implementation of these systems. Once integrated, our innovative and user-friendly methods leverage automation to enable our clients to "work smarter, not harder," leading them to achieve unprecedented sales milestones.

By The Numbers

At Rethink Revenue, we believe in data-driven selling. Here are some of our numbers that will let you know who we are, who we've helped, and what our track record looks like.

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What is Zero Point Selling?

We proudly present Zero-Point Selling as our distinctive sales strategy. Unlike other approaches, our data-driven strategy harnesses the power of information to deliver superior results. By leveraging the right data, we enable you to precisely target your most receptive marketing prospects. With basic details like first name, last name, and email, you can kickstart your marketing campaigns with confidence. 

Experience the power of Zero-Point Selling, where data-driven precision meets efficiency in reaching your ideal marketing targets.


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The Customer Journey Framework outlines the progression of customer engagement through different stages in the marketing and sales process. The stages depicted are Marketing (divided into Unknown and Known), Sales (Liked), and Deliverable (Trusted), with transitions from Targets to Suspects, then Prospects, and finally to Clients.

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The Tech Hub image includes icons representing various digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, email, and phone communication, outlining a multi-channel approach to engaging with customers at various touchpoints along their journey through the Customer Journey Framework.

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AMCAF is a powerful marketing framework designed to optimize your marketing efforts. By incorporating the key elements of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How, AMCAF enables your organization to achieve a profound impact across all marketing channels. This versatile approach applies to various marketing activities, ranging from crafting compelling email messages to creating engaging TV commercials.


Industry Proven Marketing/Sales Consulting

Every business is uniquely similar - they all market, sell and deliver products/services.


We help you implement systems that enable you to identify your customers and track them through the sales process.


We help you identify your sales processes and integrate them with sales systems so you can template your behavior and reach more people, faster.


As you begin to recognize the strategies necessary to utilize the systems and implement the sales processes you've put in place, you are well on your way to record-setting sales!


This is where the sales relationship begins and ends. Identifiying potential customers, tracking interactions with them, growing relationships and developing trust is what the sales process is all about.

Our Approach to Rethinking Revenue

We guide our clients step-by-step in implementing top-notch sales systems and pinpointing your business's distinctive sales processes. This way, you can create a customizable sales strategy that will enable you to reach your target audience and achieve unprecedented success in your business.

Zero-Point Selling or Data-Driven Selling

The Zero-Point Selling method is based on the simple idea that companies require a minimum amount of information about their target audience for effective marketing campaigns.

Integrated Sales Systems

The Zero-Point Selling method diverges from traditional mass marketing efforts by providing information to both marketing and sales in a unified information system that coordinates and amplifies each “division of labor” effort.

Continuous Improvement

By approaching Marketing and Sales with modern integrated systems, curated contact source data and continuous improvement mindset it achieves an unparalleled success rate.


Why Choose Us

We offer a unique understanding of the needs of businesses, small and large, to not just host data but to organize and utilize it to affect the sales process and put strategies in place to set record-seting revenue. 

  • Proven Sales Method
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Software Integration
  • Ongoing Coaching
  • Integrated Systems
  • Prospect Targeting
  • CRM Configuration & Implementation
  • Track Record of Success
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