How to Change Your LinkedIn URL [Video]

How to Change Your LinkedIn URL [Video]

Here’s why you want to change your LinkedIn URL:  When you first sign up for LinkedIn, LinkedIn gives your profile a public web address (URL) that looks something like this:


No one will ever be able to find you with an address like that.  Pick a new one that is easy to remember, includes some custom branding, and helps people find you, like this:


Read on or watch the video below to find out how to get a better, stronger LinkedIn URL (web address) today!

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Here’s the full text of the video above, edited for brevity and readability.

Good morning, everyone!

Yesterday I talked about the LinkedIn URL that you can change and I wanted to make a little quick video to show you guys how that worked.

How to Claim Your Custom LinkedIn URL

  1. Go into
  2. Sign in
  3. Look in the top of the screen where you see a picture of yourself labeled “Me” and click it,
  4. Then click “View Profile”
  5. Click “Edit Public Profile & URL”

If you follow the steps above you can actually change what the last part of your LinkedIn URL is!

***Keep in mind your URL must be unique!  If your name is “Chris Smith” and you attempt to claim “chris-smith” you might not get the URL you’re looking for.

If you extend this “business card conversation” and give your URL something associated with your business card so there’s a link between those two items, you can hand somebody your business card and say “you can find me on LinkedIn.  Just type in ‘Rethink Revenue’ and I come to the top!

If you guys try that in your search bar – type Rethink Revenue – my name comes to the top here and it’ll do the same in yours, too.

I just wanted to drop this video.  If you guys have any questions about it let me know.


  1. Go to your little face up here, your picture and click on it
  2. Go to “View Profile”
  3. Then up here in the upper right-hand corner is edit public profile and URL
  4. Click this little pencil and choose your new URL.

I appreciate your time.

Good fortune.

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