Focus On. . .

Focus On. . .

Each month, we’ll focus on someone in my circle I’d love for you to know more about. This month we’re focusing on:

Deborah Spring Laurel – Master Trainer

I help authors, entrepreneurs and accidental trainers develop the skills to design and deliver effective skill-building training programs and workshops to bolster their credibility and increase their revenue stream

Deborah on Rethink Revenue:

What Mark can do with data integration and assessment for a business is awesome. Talk with Mark about his Zero-Point Selling approach. He helps businesses use data to analyze and optimize their current systems and revenue streams. Mark also works with the Hubspot customer management system to immediately integrate data from LinkedIn, Fathom, Gmail, Calendly, and even phone messages. If you’re thinking of using Hubspot as your CRM, definitely schedule time with Mark.

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